Nature Vs. Nurture Debate

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When one thinks about child development, are personalities and traits produced by genetics or shaped by the environment? Or, is there a relationship between nature and nurture with regards to child development? The debate continues. While some believe “nature and nurture work together, others believe they are separate and opposing influences” (McDevitt, 2010). Nature vs Nurture In regards to the nature vs. nurture debate, “this debate is a major issue in many social science disciplines and is concerned with the influence that biology, genetics, and overall heredity have, along with or in contrast to environmental influences" (Groark, McCarthy, & Kirk, 2014, page 3.1). Some theorists argue that a person’s behavior is predetermined at birth (nature), while others argue that a person’s environment is crucial during the developmental years (nurture). However, “today, many development professionals agree that a complex relationship exists between nature and nurture that may lead to a variety of outcomes later in life” (Groark, McCarthy, & Kirk, 2014, page 3.1). While there may be a relationship between nature and nurture, there are different influences on child development; such as biological, environmental, societal, and cultural. Child Development Influences Regarding the different influences on child development, first is the biological influence. As defined by a child psychologist on, biological influence is “anything which affects the

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