Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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The old question about nature versus nurture has made a lot of different opinions in the world. Some people think that everything that they are, is because genetic. However, other persons think that the environment makes who they are. In my opinion nature and nurture make people’s life different, depending what factor people take to develop the differences between nature and nurture, it can explain if all human behavior are learned or is part of it inherited. Nurture is defined by the society and environment people live in. Most people take their personality or talents from the place where they use to be. The environment influences people’s life. The society can see how the personality of a person is by knowing who are the people around…show more content…
This research gives a good explanation about how the different environments change the personality of the twins. They have the same genes but their personalities have changed in a big way. Besides, the author describes the two twins. ABC claims that “Lily has no siblings; Gillian has two. Lily's family is Presbyterian; Gillian's is Catholic. Lily's neighborhood is ethnically mixed; Gillian's is not. Lily's family celebrates some Chinese holidays and plans on sending her to Chinese educational classes; Gillian's family does not, instead wanting her to become part of Canadian culture” (ABC NEW). The twins’ environment is totally different. It makes that their personality, way to talk, and express show as they weren’t twins. Nurture is described by the environment that people live in. Depending the place where a person is, can affect or benefit him. Nature emphasizes in how people acquire things by genetic, hereditary tendencies and biological factors. Some people use to copy or obtain different characteristics from their family. In many families, people make hereditary tendencies to the next generations year by year. In addition, children acquire many things from their parents. Such as, gender, psychological disorders, eye color, hair, lips, dimples, curled toes, eating habits, and stress. The web site ThoughtCo provides a briefly explanation of nature using homosexuality as support. Crossman claims that “Homosexuality is considered a genetic result rather than a
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