Nature Vs. Nurture

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Scientists have been investigating about genetic inheritance and its influence on behavior in humans. A gene is the unit of heredity that is passed on from parent to offspring. These investigations have been conducted because there has been a lot of debate about whether human behavior is more influenced by genetics or the environment. This debate is also called “Nature Vs. Nurture”. Although there is a clear correlation between genetics and behavior, genetic inheritance only has a partial influence due to the environmental factors that also play a role in shaping behavior. This statement can be supported by correlational studies that have been performed by numerous scientists over many years. Correlational studies are used to investigate if two variables have a relationship with each other, without actually knowing if one causes the other. Scientists use twin and adoption cases for the correlational study of genes and environment with behavior as it allows specific variables to be tested. For example, since twins share the same genetic information, analyzing pairs of twins when they are in different environments helps scientists record a correlation between genes and environment with behavior. Adoptive studies also help see if different environments have a bigger influence than genes on behavior by comparing a child’s behavior with with their biological and adoptive parents’. The Minnesota Twin Study of 1990 was conducted by Bouchard to investigate if genetics and
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