Nature Vs. Nurture : Human Behavior

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The thought that a human’s behavior is determined by genes is ridiculous. Human behavior is not genetically pre-determined; rather, it is a result of environmental influences. The influences we surround ourselves with is how we are going conduct yourself. Humans are influenced by other humans. Our behavior is determined by who we want to be like and look up too and that has nothing to do with our genes. A human’s behavior is by choice not inherited. Many people argue over this topic nature vs. nurture. According to, whose purpose is advocating for ethical therapy, states that “The modern debate often centers around the effect genes have on human personalities as opposed to the influences that early environment and development might have.” People are looking more at the influence of behavior caused by our genes rather than the environment we are surrounded by. The environment we are surrounded with is a huge factor on how we are going to act or behave. A boy who is raised up in a violent home is most likely going to be angry and look to violence to solve his problems because that’s all he ever knew. There is no gene that makes a person violent, but violence comes from an environment where all you ever know and saw is how to be violent. We can’t say a son is violent because his dad was violent because his dad passed down a gene causing his son to be violent. No, that is a ridiculous statement to make. Behavior comes from how you are treated as well as who you
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