Nature Vs Nurture In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Research Paper
Humans are shaped and influenced by others and society from the moment they can comprehend the world around them. Every child if brought up differently based on their geographical location and the types of rulings their guardians make. One child might grow up in a rich family, while another might grow up in poverty, struggling to make it through the day. In the Gothic novel, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley presents the lives of different characters to show how crucial the beginning of human lives are and how their first experiences in the world shape them into the person they become.
Without a parental figure to nurture and guide a child they cannot learn right from wrong. Due to the lack of parenting from Alphonse and Caroline, Victor grows up on a pedestal with an over-inflated ego. Everything in Victor’s life, up until the introduction of his siblings, is based around Victor. He is “doted on as such” (May) and “ is an object of their love, not a participant in it; he is ‘their plaything and their idol’” (Claridge). Caroline and Alphonse do not play the role of a parent to Victor at all. Without a structured childhood where Victor learns lessons through experience and the wisdom of his parents, he does not learn how to learn from his mistakes, nor does he struggle with anything on his own. They overindulge him to the point that he is a spoiled brat who believes anything will happen to him. His “temper [is] sometimes violent” (Shelley 23), showing
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