Nature Vs. Nurture : Nature And Nurture

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For many years, there has been on the ongoing debate that is referred to as nature vs. nurture. It poses a question that many theorists have contested. Do human personalities and behaviors relate to our genetic makeup, or are we directly influenced by the environment and people that we are subjected to? What is more important, genes or environment? While some theorists take either one side over the other, some believe that both nature and nurture play an active role in human development. What is the nature side of the debate? Nature mainly refers to genetic features that are passed down to children from their parents or ancestors. Examples of these would be the height, stature, eye color, hair color, and other physical features. Children’s temperament is also due to partially due to their genetic makeup. Does our genetic makeup affect an individual’s personality or behaviors, or are people simply products of their environment? The nurture side of the argument states that infants are molded and influenced by those that surround us, and born lacking personality. Nurture includes the development of children, physically due to nutrition, stress, intellectually, and socially. According to this argument, a child who is very outgoing and talkative has learned this behavior from those around him/her. Being influenced by one’s environment can also have negative effects. A child who witnesses his father abusing his mother is more likely to become a batterer of women than a child
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