Nature Vs Nurture : Nature And Nurture

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As mentioned briefly in my self-introduction post, the nature-nurture portion of our textbook is the one part of this course I stated I looked forward to the most. I have always found myself engaged in a constant internal battle regarding nature versus nurture. Adding to this internal battle is the fact that I am married to an identical twin…a twin who drastically differs from his brother in several ways. These differences between my husband and his twin have resulted in my questioning if the gene + environment additive or the gene + environment interaction was at play. Thus, I find myself stuck in the middle of this often-heated debate, going back and forth between both nature and nurture. I firmly believe that both nature AND nurture play a significant role in development. While reading Chapter 3 last week and mulling over twin studies, trying to decide whether these studies support g + e or g x e was more difficult than I anticipated. My first instinct was to state that these studies support both and although I do believe that is true, I will attempt to lean towards one more than the other for the purpose of not only contributing to this discussion but also for the purpose of hopefully gaining a deeper understanding. In my opinion, twin studies better support the interaction of genetics and environment. Heredity, to me, is like the musical blueprint of a song, while experiences such as love, heartbreak, fear, etc...provide a solid foundation from which lyrics

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