Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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When one asks the question of nature versus nurture, this paper answers “both”. Every single being conceived in the image of God is given an upper limit of potential growth, it is a combination of environment and this inborn capacity that determines exactly where the individual will end of on the developmental scale. The experiences as a person develops through childhood and into adulthood play a large role in conscious versus unconscious motives, and also the individuals’ view of themself. Not all development can be confined to childhood and adolescence, most humans continue to develop and mature through out the entire lifespan, and will at times find themselves with evolving, and at times inconsistent or unclear,motivations. People also will find themselves dealing with identity crisis,which can have positive or negative impacts upon the personality of the individual, which could be a temporary condition, or result in long term changes to the overall personality.

Positive psychology is the basis of this paper’s overall focus. Being a relatively new field in psychology, it is garnering a relative level of interest and research. This theory of personality however will be showing that many of the great psychologists of past were right in many regards. From Freud’s structure of consciousness, to Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development and Maslow’s Hierarchy, it is apparent that human personality is so large a field that no one psychologist was able to
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