Nature Vs Nurture : Nature Versus Nurture

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Nature vs Nurture Nature versus nurture is a complicated subject to speak about. If one’s abilities or lack of are due to their environment or their genes. For example, a child is behaving negatively in class. Many individuals are quick to jump to the conclusion that “Oh, that kid’s parents don’t care, or just don’t know how to raise their child.” That could very well be a possibility, but most people never think that maybe they have a hereditary problem, such as ADHD, that was passed on to the child. This cannot be helped by the child, it is out of their control, but can be just as easily overcame than to just using their disorder or disability as a crutch. It is a very controversial topic in terms of which one is more important. Does the disorder or disability completely ruin the person’s life or can they overcome it? Which has the most effect on one’s life? The answer is, yes. The book, “Imperfect: an Improbable Life” written by Tim Brown and Jim Abbott, himself, it speaks of the retired Major League Baseball pitcher from 1989-1999, who played for the California Angels, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, back to the Angels, then back to the White Sox, and finally ended his career with the Milwaukee Brewers. Jim Abbott. Abbott was drafted first round in 1988, had 888 strikes in his career, won a Golden Spikes award in 1987, along with an Olympic gold medal (1988), and two silver medals, one in 1987, the other in 1988. He sounds like a…
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