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As a child, I loved lying on the living room floor, crayons in hand, creating a masterpiece for my mother to camouflage our refrigerator. Throughout my childhood and adolescent years, I was fortunate enough to realize my creative potential. I often think about what exactly attributed to my creative ability. For a long time the proverbial nature vs. nurture question has sparked quite a debate. I hold the belief that nature vs. nurture is a zero-sum game.
We essentially enter this existence, a lump of clay that needs molding in order to take form. So, I believe my creative abilities can be attributed to the sum of our genetic predisposition, the nurture of our mind, and the dynamic of both nature and nurture, with nurture being the predominant influencing factor. In psychology, nature refers to the inherited genetic characteristics and predispositions that influence development. Some inherited characteristics appear in virtually everyone. For instance, almost all children are born with the capacity to learn to walk, develop a language, imitate others, use simple tools, and deduce how other people view the world; therefore, all children have a set of universal genetics that, when coupled with a reasonable environment, allow them to develop as functioning human beings. I am a firm believer that our genetic makeup has a tremendous amount to do with our skills and abilities. I, personally, feel my creativity can be attributed to the long line of writers, artists, and

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