Nature Vs. Nurture : Psychology And Biology

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Nature vs. Nurture is one of the most prevalent theories in psychology and biology; scientists previously believed that personality traits were derived from either genetics or environmental elements, but more recently have concluded that both factors play a role in the expression of genes. However, the influences of genetics and environmental factors on sexual orientation is still a controversial topic which is currently being discussed in both psychological and biological debates. While many researchers agree that both factors have pivotal influences on the determination of sexual orientation, there are others who feel that either environment, or genetics play a role but not both. Personally, I feel that both genetics and environmental cues affect sexuality. While genetics may make a person more inclined towards a certain sexual identity, ultimately social factors and experiences also play a role in the determination of sexual orientation. Before diving into the influences of various factors on sexual determination, we must first understand the Nature vs. Nurture debate. Scientists have concluded that many of the characteristics offspring possess are heritable traits passed down from parents; whether or not these traits will be expressed in offspring is largely dependent on the personal experiences they will encounter. For example, two identical twin brothers will have the same DNA, but divergent gene expression; this is because both boys will have different experiences

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