Nature Vs. Nurture Shapes Personality

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Do you know how you got your personality? Scientist have been wondering which is more powerful nature or nurture.Nature can be genetics, and it shapes personality.Nurture has to be learned, and it has people behave correctly.Both nature and nurture are powerful, but nurture is more powerful.
Nature is genetics, and it helps shapes personality. Like Anais and Sam, they have a lot of the same things. They both like the same pop have the same laff, and there both outgoing.They also had the same pet peeves.The Jim Twins have the same personality, they love to woodwork and the same beer.They both had wives named Bettie and Linda. They also had the same son name Jams, Allan.The twins Jack and Oscar had the same jacket and glasses on when they met.Both of them were competitive and they passed away from cancer. When they both met they were really emotional. MISSING EVIDENCE
Nurture is learned, and it makes us behave correctly. Jack and Oscar were raised very differently when they were young.Oskar was a Nazi raised by his mom and he was beaten and a quiet thinker. He was also Obedient and a reserved person. For Jack, he was carefree and emotional. He was raised by his dad and he was Jewish. Anais spoke
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Nurture is more powerful because it comes from your parent's actions. Like Jeannie's parents, they abused her and she had no social skills. Jeannie was a feral child. She couldn't talk either. Or like Phobia, it's a trauma to the parent reaction. It commonly runs in the family and is passed from one generation to the other. Phobia is also the lead to avoidance.I've had some nurture things like my sister and I. She is the total opposite of me. My sister is an inside person and I'm always an outside person. I also think nurture is more powerful because what my dad does I do it sometimes too. I sometimes find myself doing stuff what my grandpa is doing too.That is why I think nurture is more
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