Nature Vs Society : Society Vs. Society

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In life we are all confronted with the idea of nature along with society. Although both have their pros and cons they work together to give us freedom and order among individuals.
Society provides a person with comfort and clarification, however it is nature that allows a person to escape the boundaries created and truly be theirself in a free experience, which causes a person to live a life with their own will.

Within the poems of Walt Whitman he discusses the significance between society vs nature. In the poem When I heard the Learn'd Astronomer the poem approaches the idea of nature vs society in a specific manner. In the poem when the poet says “I wandered off by myself,” the poet is relating again to the idea of nature. In this he is
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To end with, it is human nature that can lead to events that in society's eyes are dreadfully wrong, but on the other hand it is nature that fills us with a particular feeling we seem to enjoy. On the mountain, I am fearless, at times I feel as if it is just me and snow. The only person that can stop me from doing what I want is myself, because when I am out in nature there are no rules to be broken. When I pull up to Burke mountain, I am exposed to the beauty that is nature in its truest form. As I climb up on the chair lift and the higher the elevation the more I become exposed to myself. And as I go down the hill I am free to do as I please. Unlike being in 5 line traffic, which is very constricting, nature allows me to be free. In a sense society is like a box that I am contained in, however when I go up to the mountain to shred this box opens up and allows me to be free.

To bring it all in Nathaniel Hawthorne and Walt Whitman both provide examples of society vs nature. Examples of how society is constructing us from being free and examples of society being a place of reason and logic, but they also showed us how nature at its greatest can set us free without limits. However nature can be devastating like in the case with Chillingworth and how human nature overcame him to obtain revenge. As well as my own self experience with nature and riding the mountain being free to myself. The experiences that society
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