Nature and Faith in To a Waterfowl by Cullen Bryant Essay

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Bryant went through many hard times throughout his life; from losing family members to being socially isolated. He lost many family members and close friends. The one death that hurt him the most was his father’s. Bryant’s father was a very important part of his life; his father taught him many things throughout his lifetime. His father submitted five of his poems into the North American Review, one of those were the first version of “Thanatopsis”. It is said that Bryant mourned his father’s death and that his death is what gave him the emotional passion to write with.
As a child Bryant was forced to work on a farm, he spent most of his time outdoors. Due to being outdoors a majority of his life, Bryant was able to obtain his transcendental view of nature. Also, later on in Bryant’s life he wasn’t able to provide for his family and fill the role as father. Typically the role of a father is to be the bread winner of the family while taking care of the wife and children. Bryant lacked the necessary means in supplying his household’s income. This led Bryan to take a lot of desperate measures in order to provide for his family. A bad investment in a merchant ship landed him in “debtor’s prison”. Debtor’s prison is a prison specifically for people who cannot pay on the debt that they have collected. Death played a major role in Bryant’s life as well. He had to cope with the loss of so many family members due to the outbreak of typhoid fever. His experiences of death allowed him…