Nature of Authority Within the Public Services Essay

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Nature of Authority in the Uniformed Public Services Beth Freeman Authority is defined as the ‘power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience’. There are many different organisations that enforce discipline within the public services, which have the right to extend different levels of authority and enforce different levels of obedience within a service. These are; Independent Police Complaint Commission (IPCC); this was created in 2004 to replace the Police Complaint Authority. It is completely independent, and is free of government influence. It is primary purpose is to increase the confidence that the public have within the police complaint system throughout England and Wales. They investigate serious…show more content…
Within the Prison Service they use the Consultative authority; this is the type of authority where the leader welcomes the opinions of the team when it comes to problems. This is often used when there is a change in procedures. Although they don’t have to use to the views and opinions of the team and can make they own decisions. HM Inspectors of Fire Services; is also completely independent, and is free of government influence. Its primary purpose is to inspect and auditing all of the local fire services to ensure that they meet the criteria and targets that are given to them by the government. They offer advice on policy, procedures, and legislative changes that will affect the UK Fire Service, and also advise ministers and senior staff on structure, organisation and performance, including equality, of fire and rescue services. They provide the government departments and ministers during major emergency. The HM Inspectors of Fire and Service hold to account those within the services through the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004. This was put in place to primary declare the duties and power of the fire authorities. Promoting fire safety and protecting the public from fires. The act makes sure that the Fire Officers are constantly updated with their skills, making sure that they are able to provide the public with the best help and support. . They use the nature of authority through blind obedience. The Officer follow the
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