Nature of Discipleship and Studying Mark's Gospel Essay

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Nature of Discipleship and Studying Mark's Gospel

St Mark, peter interpreter, is trying to send a message to Christians about what being a disciple involves and what it takes to be a disciple i.e. The cost, The Reward and The dependency. These are all the things I will be pointing out in this essay, (especially the nature of discipleship and what Mark tells and about discipleship.

Disciple means learner or student. Followers of Jesus are all his disciples because they are learning from his teachings, Mk10v13-14 "the disciples scolded the people. When Jesus noticed this he was angry and he said to his disciples, let the children come to me." This is an example of a disciple learning from his
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"I will prove to you then t5hat the son of man has authority." "Son of man" is one title he used for himself, when he was talking to teachers of the law. Throughout Mark's gospel Jesus kept the Messianic secret because if he called himself the Messiah, he would be mistaken for the warrior king. The Jews believed that the Messiah would come to save them from the Romans and this was the mistake Peter made Mk8v33 "your thoughts don't come from God but human nature" After Peter has declared that Jesus was the Messiah, but he was thinking of different Messiah (warrior king) he was thinking as a man and not a God.

In Mark's gospel, he tries to refer to the Christians been persecuted in Rome in many ways he could because they were his audience, he was writing for them one story in the gospel shows an evidence of this i.e. "Jesus calms a Storm" (allegory) Mk4v35-41. "The storm" is an implication of the Christians in Rome. He is sending them a message through the gospel (know about the news and die for it) he is telling them to have faith t5hat being a follower and believer of Christ come with great reward. The Christians being persecuted is a very good example of discipleship the reason being is that they were dying just by believe in and these are the things

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