Nature of Educational Psychology

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CHAPTER NO 1: NATURE OF EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY MEANING OF PSYCHOLOGY The word “psychology” comes form the Greek word (Psyche mean Soul, Logos mean Science), thus the meaning of Psychology is the science of soul. EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY Education in the narrow sense is the modification of behaviour of children in a controlled environment. To shape the behaviour of the subject and bring some positive or negative changes, it is necessary to study the science of behaviour. The developmental stages and characteristics of children are very essential factors from which the teacher must aware in order to be a successful teacher. If the teacher has no knowledge of children psychology, how can we expect from him that he would…show more content…
3) THE LEARNING PROCESSES. Educational Psychology deals with the nature of learning and how it takes place and contains the topics such as laws, principles and theories of learning, remembering and forgetting, perceiving, concept of formation, thinking and reasoning process, problem solving, transfer of training, ways and means of effective learning etc. 4) LEARNING SITUATION OR ENVIRONMENT Educational Psychology has the subject matter dealing with the environmental factors and learning situations which come midway between the learner and the teacher. Topic like classroom climate and group dynamics techniques and aids which facilitate learning, evaluation, techniques and practice, guidance and counseling etc. 5) TEACHER Last but not the least is the teacher. He is a potent force in any scheme of teaching and learning. It emphasizes the need of knowing the self for a teacher to play his role properly in the process of education. It discusses his conflicts, motivation, anxiety, adjustment, level of aspiration etc. Moreover it throws light on the essential personality traits, interests, aptitudes, characteristics of effective teaching etc so as to inspire him to become a successful teacher. HOW IS PSYCHOLOGY USED IN THE CLASS ROOM? Psychology is the study of behavior. Educational psychology is an attempt to apply the psychological principles,
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