Nature of Parenthood

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The True Nature of Parenthood
Parenting has been described as the hardest job with the least amount of training. To know the true nature of parenthood you must explore what it means to be a parent. Being a parent consist of many functions and responsibilities. Becoming a parent will not be easy because there are many disadvantages to becoming a parent but the benefits are beyond worth it. Most importantly knowing the value of having a parent from the child’s point of view helps to understand what parenthood is all about.
The meaning of being a parent is not something that can be defined, the terms mother and father are used everyday but what do they really mean? Each term comes with a bundle of obligations, rights, and responsibilities
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They provide children with stability, and are allowed a chance to teach the children lifelong lessons and set a positive example in their lives. Foster parenting is different than any other parenting because they are able to give love to many children. Many times foster care can lead to adoption. Adoption can be a very tough and long process and a person must be willing to put the time and effort into it. But once the adoptive parents have a child they give all the same love as a natural parent would. Whether you’re a maternal foster or adoptive parent the love for a child is the same feeling and the most beneficial part of being a parent.
Although being a parent can be very beneficial there are many number of disadvantages and problems that go along with being a parent. Inexperience is a problem for all first time parents, no matter the age. Not to say that older parents aren’t at an advantage when it comes to experience. There is truly nothing that can prepare someone for the lack of sleep and twenty-four hour, seven day a week responsibility of being a parent. Older parents tend to have more experience with the children of friends and families which gives them a slight advantage over younger parents. While young parents lack experience, older parents tend to lack patience. As a first time parent you’re more likely to be patient when it comes to the little things in your child’s life but older parents don’t care quite as much about the
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