Nature versus Nurture: Criminal Behavior

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Nature versus nurture has been argued in attempt to understand how criminals behave. The theory of what influences psychopath and serial killers’ violent and destructive pathways has not been agreed on till this day. Criminals such as psychopaths and serial killers have been researched for the past two decades. Scientists have found that genetics is a determining factor of who becomes a serial killer. It is important to understand the determinants involved within a serial killer, because if these social and environmental causes are discovered, they can be altered and controlled to reduce crime (Lykken, 1993). With more studies, we would therefore prevent mass murders and could assist in significant reductions of crime within society.
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This study also found that low parental love and interest including lack of support, were key features within childhood criminal offenders with psychopathic characteristics (Carney, 2004). Theorists such as Comte believe that current methodologies of criminals need to be shifted away from the motives, feelings and internal meanings of criminals (TSR, 2012). Comte believed that there is a need to use methodologies that focus more on collecting information about the phenomena that can be objectively observed, as criminal’s mental states and consciousness cannot be observed or measured within an objective way (Twynham, 2009). Current methodologies usually look for correlations and strengths of relationships to define what determinants influence criminal activity. These determinants researched include the influence that social, environmental, cultural and genetic factors have on criminal behavior and activity (Twynham, 2009). These methodologies are in place to create better evidence and have a clearer understanding of these relationships, in order to tackle this public health issue and reduce crime rates within society. Positivists and Durkheim believe that criminal behaviors and motives can be discovered by using methodologies that collect objective facts on social world influences in a statistical form and through repeated checking of these findings can
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