Nature vs. Culture

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The history of global conflict can be explained by examining the beginnings of interaction among men and what has caused them to behave in this way. The arguments of nature and nurture are typical argumentative factors that may determine whether or not violence and the tendency to engage in war is an inherent trait of men. Although the argument that nature is responsible for determining man's conduct, the cultural values of men is a better and more realistic means of explaining the conflicts of man. David Barash argues on the side of nature in the article entitled, "Evolution, Males, and Violence". Barash makes a strong argument because, as he explains, men are responsible for the majority of random acts of violence and that women…show more content…
Sexual abnormality fears strongly developed in the eighteen-hundreds during periods of conservatism and properness. Bram Stoker's Dracula helps clearly establish what these fears about masturbation were during that time period. The movie shows Dracula as a masturbator through his hairy palms who has clearly lost control of himself and blurs the gender lines. Dracula is contrasted against the epitome of a British Gentleman, Johnathon Harker, who demonstrates self-control and fits his gender role, however, Dracula is portrayed as a weak ‘woman' who cannot control the acts of self-gratification. During this time, a term known as "vagina dentate" was also introduced. This belief was that lack of self-control will ultimately result in castration by evil women (Gilbert, Fall 2006). Essentially, a woman's vagina becomes a guillotine and cuts off a man's penis who has lost control. This fear increased many of the prescriptions already held in society about the lack of self-control and further provoked men to remain in control of their individual acts. These prescriptions surrounding masturbation and self-control were forced onto society because it reduced individualism and created unity among citizens which made is easier to build a strong, organized army.
The article, "The Castrating Sisterhood," by Peter Gay addresses the particular fear of vagina dentate. Gay believes that dreams of intercourse with a woman with a ‘vagina with teeth' stems from a man's early dependence
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