Nature vs. Nurture

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Nature Versus Nurture Introduction: There are few mysteries that are greater or provoke more debate than that which dictates human individuality. Sociologists, psychologists and genealogists have long argued over the roles played by the inherent genetic and biological features of an individual and the environmental, contextual and experiential realities surrounding the individual where the development of personality, ability and orientation are concerned. This underscores the debate between nature and nurture. To what extent each of these forces figures into an individual's development and growth is the subject of intense ideological and philosophical discussion. Here, we put forth the assertion that all human beings are a product of some combination of both. Nature vs. Nurture Argument: Such is to say that each of us is defined by the integration of personal experience and inborn makeup. What proportion of these forces is responsible for who we are, how we behave and what decisions we make is widely variant and contingent upon each individual. The argument itself stems from the distinct impact which each force will have on the path of development for the select individual. Indeed, as Myers (2004) points out, we cannot separate the individual's personality traits or behavioral characteristics from genetic coding. Accordingly, Myers finds that "human ttraits are influences by gene compelexes many genes acting in concert. How tall you are, for example, reflects the
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