Nature vs Nurture, a Not Quite a Twin

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Nature vs Nurture A Not Quite Twin Study Tamara Richardson Seminole State College of Florida Abstract This paper is going to discuss the Nature vs Nurture debate. There will be history of the debate, where it is presently and where it may go in the future. We will look at the beginning of the debate, the battle that started with Descartes and was pushed further by BF Skinner, Bandura and Piaget. We will further look at Bandura and Piaget and look at Social learning theory verses biology. Interviews with a sibling set of sisters, one adopted and one biological separated by 4 months in age will show us how being raised in the same environment will over shadow biological beginnings. The Nature vs Nurture debate will be discussed in…show more content…
She excels in her math and science courses and credits her father for that interest. She is often told she acts just like her father and brother in respect to her stubborn nature. She takes things very personally and finds transgressions hard to forgive. Extracurricular activities include things like chess club, youth group, peer tutoring, and cheerleading. Maggie prefers individual sports/activities but doesn’t mind participating in group/team sports. Lucy is now nineteen years old. She is a freshman in college. She is the biological daughter of their parents. Lucy is very outgoing and describes herself as extroverted. She as a lot of friends and has never met a stranger. She is always the center of attention. She also states that her sister is her best friend. Lucy states “she is the one person I can tell anything to and she won’t hate me or think I’m weird” Lucy made good grades in high school. She was consistently on the “A/B” honor roll, took some honor classes and did not want to take any college level classes while in high school. She stated “high school is only for a little while; I wanted to enjoy my friends and my life”. Lucy excels in the performing arts; she is a gifted singer and musician. She likes to perform. She finds math and science classes interesting but states “they are just harder for me than they are her (Maggie). She is better in English, literature and history. Extracurricular activities included things such as cheer leading,
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