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#Article 9. Natural Immunity - Naturopathy Or Antibiotics
A person who has a weak immune system is highly susceptible to get sick frequently with flu, cold and other minor infections. We agree that antibiotics have proved to be magical drugs but their excess usage causes more harm than good.
Almost 99% people believe that antibiotics are effective in treating all bacterial and viral infections but the truth is far from it. The reality is that antibiotics cannot fight against viruses, and taking antibiotics to counter viral infections can further aggravate the condition. In some cases, the body develops immunity against the drug bringing down the immunity level of the body. Taking a natural antibiotic can help in such conditions by preventing
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From Yoga to natural medicines like neem, honey etc. Naturopathy believes in no or minimally invasive techniques and using all natural medicines to cure diseases.
Personalized treatment –
Naturopathy does not believe in flat treatments where patients receive the same prognosis for the same symptoms. Naturopaths study the symptoms and beyond to treat the problem at its roots and not just cure the physical symptoms. Thus two people with the same physical symptoms might not receive the same plan of treatment to cure them. This allows for personalized and individual treatments that are inherently applicable to each patient. Thus this form of medicine goes to the heart of the problem to rid the patient of physical symptoms as well as the underlying cause of the sickness or disease.
It has been proved scientifically that Naturopathy, natural diet, and a healthy lifestyle can help in boosting the health of the immune system and prevents the person from falling ill frequently due to cold, flu and other minor ailments. People who have a strong immune system are less likely to suffer from life-threatening ailments like
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