Naval Academy Application Essay Sample

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My first visit to the Naval Academy was on family trip while in grammar school. On this and subsequent visits, the young men and women who chose to devote their lives to country and service greatly impressed me. As a high school student, I had the good fortune to experience Academy life via my acceptance to the competitive Summer STEM program, my invitation to Candidate Visit Weekend, and my participation in the Elite Throws Sports Camp. Through these first-hand experiences, I grew in awareness and commitment to an Academy education as an opportunity to enable me to serve my country. Moreover, I am honored to be a member of a gold star family, via my uncle Senior Master Sergeant Peter Bondi, recently deceased on active duty, and to have had a grandfather who served in the National Guard. Eulogies delivered for my Uncle Peter reflected a life of service and were a source of inspiration that fueled my resolve to serve. …show more content…

I am the beneficiary of the freedom our country affords its citizens and the aspirations of my immigrant grandparents and their children. The passage from Luke 12:48 ‘to whom much is given, much will be required’ is a credo that rings true. Our country has enabled me an education and other opportunities others don’t as readily have access to. Consequently, I can think of no better way to carry it forward than to elect a career in military service. In particular, via exploration of options, I identify strongly with the culture, tradition and career paths offered by the Navy, the only branch of service I am pursuing. Travis Manion’s motto ‘If not me, then who’ represents my fervent belief that it is my duty and privilege to

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