Naval Aviation Is It 's Dangerous, Unpredictable, Inevitable, And Arduous Periods Of Time

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Sadly, there are a few downsides to naval aviation. The career takes a longer time to train than most other jobs, due to the high responsibilities that a naval aviator has to take. In order to be successful and enjoy the job, a naval aviator must have charismatic and ideal qualities to endure the hardships. One of the disadvantages to naval aviation is that it’s dangerous, unpredictable, and requires a lot of time commitment. Naval pilots have unstable futures - they can be deployed to war anytime anywhere, leave their family, or even die in battle. Thus, these unpredictable paths cause naval aviators to make a lot of sacrifices, whether it be moving a lot, working strange and irregular hours, being oversea for lengthy durations of time,…show more content…
There are many personal qualities and talents that can help the young and aspired naval aviators. According to Careers in Focus: Government, personality traits include being athletic, conventional, and organized (Ferguson). One of the most important characteristics is being motivated, inspired, and determined. Motivation is what drives naval aviators to do their best, to force them to wake up every morning and work hard. Curiosity is also a very important quality, as naval aviators spend a lot of time in the sky looking over the world and travel a lot, so having a curious mindset keeps them from getting bored. Naval aviation often “involves a counterphobic urge - as one must learn to enjoy an innately terrifying activity” (Mittauer 4). Also, being responsible and honest is an important part of the career. Naval aviators need to be extremely careful when flying; if they forget anything in the slightest, it may result in severe injury for them and others. Moreover, naval aviators must love their job: protecting the country and representing the nation with their flying skills. One must accept “implications of combat flying (e.g., being killed, killing enemy and civilians)” (Mittauer 6). This is what sets naval aviators apart from typical careers in the modern world today. To start off in the career of a Navy pilot, one must get a bachelor 's

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