Navigating Early

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Inquiry Circle
* Navigating Early By Clare Vanderpool * Grade level 5- 8th grade * Summary: * After his mother’s death the young Jack Baker is uprooted from his home in Kansas and is placed in a boarding school in Maine. At the boarding school he feels lost and out of place. While trying to impress the boys and find a place in his school, he can’t help but be drawn to one of the misfits, Early Auden. Early is one of the strangest of boys, who reads the number pi as a story and collects clippings about the sightings of a great black bear in the nearby mountains. When Early decides to set out to find Pi and the black bear in his brother’s boat, the legendary “Fish”, Jack
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For this assignment you are asked to create your own story to remember the first 15 digits of Pi. 1. You should first brainstorm ideas for your story. The best way to do this is to create a web of ideas. Start with your character, Pi, in the middle of your web and clockwise write ideas for your plot. Make sure you include the numbers of Pi for each idea. You can use either single digits or multiple digits. (NO MORE THAN 2 DIGITS GROUPED TOGETHER!!!) 2. Using your web you should create a rough draft using your ideas. You should double space your rough draft so you will have room for corrections. 3. After writing your draft, find a partner to correct your paper. Make sure when you are correcting your partner’s paper that you look for grammatical errors, digits of pi used correctly, and their ideas make sense. 4. Once corrections are made, type out your final draft with your name and title at the top. You final paper should be single space, sized 12 font, and in times news roman. Your paper should be AT LEAST one page! You can certainly write more pages, but again it has to be at least one page. Don’t forget to include all the digits and that your story makes sense. 5. Once you have created your story, fill out the H chart comparing and contrasting your story to Early’s story. When contrasting, think of the differences of the journeys, what did Pi encounter, and how Pi became a better man from his
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