Navigating The Kitchens Was Surprisingly Easy

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Navigating the kitchens was surprisingly easy. People were running around, focusing so much of their attention on their own duties that they didn’t even think twice about Maela and Ralan walking through. The guild in charge of cooking was under the Harvest Guild, so green tunics and robes were everywhere, although there was the occasional white of a knight. There were no blue merchants or others in the yellow of the Craft Guild. They were only stopped once, and that was by a Harvest Guild member. Ralan’s explanation of broken equipment needing fixed resulted in nothing more than a comment of “Hurry up, dinner will be served soon.” They had turned down yet another hallway when Ralan leaned over and whispered to Maela, “Those two with the…show more content…
The carafes shattered on the floor, covering it in glass. “You idiots! You have ruined my dress whites!” Enraged, the knight turned to the two Harvest guild members who were issuing a stream of apologies. Maela tugged on Ralan’s arm, and they briskly walked past the knight, who had completely forgotten about them. When they were well past the knight, Ralan whispered, “Did you plan for them to escort us?” “People are clumsy,” she replied, not even trying to hide her smile. “The defenses here aren’t very good,” Ralan noted as he and Maela looked through the door of the prison dining hall. Prisoners were actually fed in their cells, so the hall itself was more of a room for the jailors and a large prep area for taking food to the prisoners. Maela turned and glared at Ralan. “Nothing is ever easy. Don’t forget that. Without a plan you would have been captured in the Flats, on the Circle, and in the hallway back there.” Maela took a breath and then softened her voice. “But you are correct about the defenses. But what is there to defend? The prisons are well-guarded, and who would attack the Knight Tower?” They continued on. The other side of the prison kitchen dining hall opened up to hallway off of the main atrium of the prison part of the Tower. Unlike the small, cramped kitchen halls, the halls of the Tower proper were wide and imposing. Knights walked through them at regular intervals. Also unlike the kitchen halls, there weren’t any other guild members in the Tower
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