Navigating the Global Essay: Lost in Translation & Seamus Heaney

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The reactions of characters towards a growing global culture, whether a retreat or an embrace, are heavily influenced by personal choices. Within the arena of Navigating the Global, choices are almost certainly influenced by the circumstances in which they occur, whether this be a choice to keep the connection to the local, or move towards a more global setting. Three key texts that exemplify this phenomenon include the film ‘Lost in Translation’ by Sophia Coppola made in 2003, the Seamus Heaney’s poems ‘Digging’ (1998) and ‘Personal Helicon’, and finally the illustration ‘Globalisation’ (2012) by Michael Leunig. All three delve deeply into the interplay between internal choice and external circumstance. While they do explore how…show more content…
This theme of the globalised world of Japan is relevant to the circumstance that the movie has been set up in because of Sophia Coppola’s 21st century up bringing. The movie itself can be seen as a comment on the growing global scale of the world, and the multicultural boundaries that are blurring and changing within the world. Not unlike Lost in Translation, Michael Leunig’s cartoon ‘Globalisation’ focuses on the move away from the natural and towards embracing an increasingly global and technological world. The image portrays two human figures in the centre, they are framed on one side by a stark, black tree that seems to be smouldering as if having just been burnt, and on the other side by a collection of tall buildings with small windows, seen from a distance. The only text in the illustration says, ‘What is Globalisation? Globalisation is installing light globes in as many places as possible on the face of the earth’. The pun of ‘Globalisation’ is used to diminish or even parody the impact of actual globalisation. The human figures face away from nature and appear to prefer the cityscape, with their faces upturned with slight smiles. This symbolism of moving away from the smouldering, suffering tree and towards the seemingly pristine city is used to convey that we, as humans, are forgetting our original position in nature. He suggests a conscious choice to

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