Navistar Case

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Executive Summary
Part 1 Executive Summary
Issues Identification
Part 2 Issues Identification
Environmental & Root Cause Analysis
Part 3 Environmental & Root Cause Analysis
Alternatives and/or Options
Part 4 Alternatives
Part 5 Recommendations
Part 6 Implementation Plan
Monitor & Control
Part 7 Monitor and Control
Part 8 Conclusion

Part 1 Executive Summary
Navistar was a worldwide leader in the manufacturing medium and heavy trucks for 17 consecutive years in the North America market.

Navistar’s premium conventional trucks were produced at the Chatham assembly plant, which had almost 14 years experience in producing Navistar’s premium line since 1983.
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The interior trim quality and delivery problem
Nature: Tactical and Strategic Timing: Long term and Short Term
Interior trim was provided for each truck in the form of”kits” that contained a specific group of sequenced interior trim parts necessary to complete each truck. When “kits” were delivered to Navistar assembly, problem arose when assemblers attempted to assemble the trim into truck, were not able to do so because of missing or inappropriate interior trim parts. therefore, the subsequent consequences of trim parts reordering, additional material handling, post-assembling resulted in the premium on direct materials, labor costs and the delivery delay of finished truck.

Trimco Industries Issues:
Quality Issues and Quality Control Procedures
Nature: Tactical and Strategic Timing: Long term and Short Term
Trimco provided 420,000 parts during the course of a year, and of these parts, approximately 3,100 were defective, missing or inappropriate for installation. Even because of a lack of centralization and limited computer system capability, trimco had difficulty monitoring outgoing parts and sometimes send shipments with inappropriate component trim parts or insufficient
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