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Executive Summary Trimco is a main supplier to Navistar. Navistar relies heavily on Trimco at their assembly plant. Navistar and Trimco must improve their quality management systems in order to have the right parts, in the right number shipped at the right time without any damages or defects. Navistar and Trimco must start imploring a more collaborative approach to their business process. Navistar needs to address their policy problems. Our last minute design changes seriously disrupt the supply process. The robbing of parts also creates a snowball effect of problems in other areas, or down the line. Trimco has several problems including high employee turnover, mixed technological capability with respect to manufacturing…show more content…
Another issue is the JIT suitability. Safety stock is still required which would beget calling it a just in time system. This must be addressed on both sides. Issues for Trimco include quality control problems. Shipping defective material, incorrect material, and even damaged parts, causes increased cost and decreased productivity for both Trimco and Navistar. Another issue for Trimco, which was also an issue for Navistar, was JIT suitability. It seems that at times Navistar expectation can be too high with the last minute specification changes, which can lead to incorrectly punched parts, or incorrectly sent parts that has been an issue. Environmental and Root Cause Analysis The main cause of the issues for both Trimco and Navistar are quality issues. Both the supply plant and we the assembling plants are running into quality issues. Trimco Industries is a large supplier of automotive trim parts. It is also a very large Navistar supplier. Trimco faces several problems including mixed technological capability with respect to manufacturing processes; high employee turnover that affects employee training and awareness levels that impacts its ability to meet customer needs effectively. Shipping is an issue in that it lacks internal process. Correct parts aren’t always shipped, and the shipping of materials is not sufficient as damaged
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