Navy Rating Essay

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In September The Navy decided that it was going to make a major course correction to its rank and rating system that would effectively bring and end to hundreds of years of naval service tradition by calling personnel to by their military rank, but rather by their service job and proficiency rating. Names such as corpsman I, or Yeoman III, have been a significant part of the Navy method of recognizing crew members but that was all proposed to change in September when the navy suggested that they would do away with the practice to move to a system similar to the other services. On Wednesday the Navy announced another course correction however, back to the original path by choosing to reinstore rating titles. “Big Navy” Listened to the Masses, and The Masses are Shocked The announcement by the Navy to reinstore rating titles was welcomed with enthusiasm by almost all personnel. The initial decision to remove them was looked at by the majority of navy sailors as an affront to centuries of tradition. Sailors take a great deal of pride in not only their branch and ship, but also at a more personnel level they take pride in their accomplishments in their chosen career path. By removing the rating titles and going to a strict rank and…show more content…
Better training & employment opportunities for everyone great, but it can be done without removing the ratings." This is a sentiment that is echoed all over Navy sites and mainstream social media sites alike. Another poster pointed out that someone should perhaps do a Christmas movie celebrating how Santa saved the Navy rating system a reference to the fact that the announcement was being referred to by many as a Christmas
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