Navy Seal Case Study

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“The only easy day was yesterday” What does it take to be the Seal who changed history? Mark Owen former Navy Seal, Member of Seal Team Six says that deployments are very long and hurtful towards family relations. Deployments of ten through twelve months are very common for someone of his former job from being on DEVGRU (Special Teams). Several of Owens teammates have come back from leave suffering from very tragic divorces. For some reason every Seal that Owens had worked with in his time in DEVGRU had always enjoyed coming back from leave and getting back to their jobs which they would be deployed for months to a year at a time. Saying, “No” to the Navy is not an option, saying, “No” to your family is. Training to be a Seal in not an easy…show more content…
Once a Navy Seal get accepted into the DEVGRU training course got through very intense questioning. The people who are in charge of DEVGRU will ask you several questions in rapid succession, they use this method of question to test out how you do under pressure situations. In the second part of DEVGRU training is not really a training course, the second part of DEVGRU is more dedicated to testing your physical condition. Navy Seals who do the physical challenge part of DEGRU training need to meet several high standards in multiple physical tests such as: pushups, pull ups, running, swimming and, sit ups. The standards for these physical tests is very hard to meet. This is how they Navy determines the best of the…show more content…
The United States did everything they could to prepare for this mission. The Helicopters built for the mission cost over 70 million dollars to build. The helicopters had to be able to go under enemy radar and be very silent when they when into the area near his compound. The military had chosen the best of the best soldiers for this mission and that was the Navy Seal team known as Seal Team Six. The mission to kill Osama Bin Laden was planned to be a raid into his compound which had been observed for weeks. The people watched the compound for weeks had to figure out who everyone military aged male was in the compound. Once they figured who everyone was they watched their daily activities giving nicknames to everyone they saw. The Navy Seals had built an almost replica of the compound for Seal Team Six to train in. The Seals practiced over and over again until the mission had been a go. The seals knew everything about the compound when the mission was finally
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