Navy Seals

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Research Paper-Navy Seals- By Sumid Nohrer There are many career choices you can choose from in the armed forces. Like becoming a nuclear engineer, a pilot, or even going into a special ops program in a certain branch of the armed forces. Well there's one special force that is separated from the rest and that's the navy seals. In this research paper you will learn the good and bad aspects in joining the navy seals whether it's for the training, pay/benefits, or for your education. Foremost, the training for a navy seal go through about a year of training becoming a navy seal. "Which starts as the BUDS program, you must be 28 years old and must be in the Navy."(Becoming a seal) "The training is designed to push you past your limits,…show more content…
It's amazing what you can find in a new country whether it's the view or a rare antique it's all pretty much beautiful. The last and final benefit is the GI. Bill which gives you a portion of your original pay every month when you retire. You can also retire in 20 years that's 10 years less than a teacher or any other businesses. Most recent is your education. How much your education worth 10-35 grand or would you like it to be free. The navy will pay for your education even if you would like to progress to your masters they will pay for it. The seals also have to learn a bundle of foreign languages and be fluent in them. So the navy sends every seal back to school to learn how to interpret fluently and learn complex mathematics and how to navigate. Your classifications may be a seal but you are also required to have a secondary occupation like a career to land back on your feet when you retire. That the navy also pays for. Once you retire from any armed force you may also consider being resigned for an additional bonus plus training in either education or skill. So if anyone wanted to find a way to pay for college while they were in their job or occupation at the time the seals program isn't that bad. Plus some training that you endure also earns you some college credits. Like "the fundamentals of explosive ordnance disposal though formal navy schooling."(Enlisted) In conclusion, Navy Seals is a great career option for those who cannot pay for college and
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