Navy Seals-Personal Narrative

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Thoughts “WOOOSH!” The water gun sprayed the glistening lake water like the mist setting on a hose. “We are navy seals!” Ryan yelled peddling the paddle boat. ‘This game was lots of fun to me, any game involving shooting squirt guns or nerf guns made me happy.’ I thought. I sat in the in the back laughing and shooting water into the clear blue sky. I stared at the blue floating dock we were headed for. Ethan was in the front peddling with Ryan, so I was able to tell them if there were any ‘Enemies’ behind them. It was an instinct. We had multiple squirt guns and pool noodles behind us, because we were the best there was. No doubt about it. We are best friends anyway. We had raided the dock multiple times, always acting like there were terrorists that we needed to defeat. And we were always winning. Navy Seals 5, terrorists 0. We knew the best moves.…show more content…
The icy water made my whole body shiver, and I knew if I let my body relax I would sink down and feel the sea-weed. But there was a mission to handle. We slowly swam to the dock. Each paddle as quiet b as a mouse. It seemed as if it were a real mission. Ryan reached for the nearly broken ladder. He pulled out a small water pistol out of his jacket. Rising up he shot it everywhere, but then he ducked signaling me to fire. I had guessed that terrorists still remained. I loaded up, then rising up the ladder like Ryan I shot. I fell back into the cold water from the knockback. I looked back up the ladder and pictured that we defeated the terrorists. “That's all of them!” I said happily. Cheers rose up behind me. “Navy seals 6, terrorists 0.” Said Ethan climbing the
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