Nayar and Innovation Essay

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Vineet Nayar is a charismatic leader that utilized disruptive innovation to improve HCLT in the IT industry. The rapidly changing IT industry was trending in the global environment. Although HCLT was increasing revenue it was not increasing their market share. To transform HCLT into a market competitor Nayar utilized associating, questioning, observing, networking and experimenting to reach and accomplish HCLT's success. However, Nayar neglected the market status in the beginning of this transformation and he did not network with other leaders in the IT world. Had he done both, he may have improved HCLT more than he did.
Nayar and Innovation
"At HCL we believe an employee is at the core of every bright idea that is a game
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Nor did they have the ability to compare their team to other teams. He noticed that complaint resolution meant that management should serve the employees. Nayar recognized that the 360 degree performance reviews did not have strong participation from the employees. The business plans that were reviewed by him were not receiving feedback from other managers or being followed through. And he realized middle management had lost some power. In order to solve these problems, Nayar had to network.
Networking "requires linking the ideas in your area of knowledge with those of others" (Dyer et al, 2011). Nayar did exactly this. Nayar used the experience of HCL's board. He sent them "progress reports, held extra meetings, and ensured that more people than usual participated in the process" (Nayar, 2010). Naylor also met with senior management in small and large meetings. In these meetings, he discussed what he calls Point A; HCLT's current circumstances. HCLT's customers were also an important part of HCLT's transformation. He spoke with the customers concerning Point B; the end goal. Another meeting method Nayar (2010) used for networking was later called a Directions meeting. Directions meetings are held with thousands of frontline employees and include asking questions, general conversation and discussions of the company.
Through Nayar's associating, observations, questions and networking he began experimenting. Nayar used four
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