Nazi Germany And The Nazi Party Essay

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Propaganda was significant in Germany in the period of 1933 to 1945 as it affected the people of Germany greatly since propaganda was presented to people in their everyday lives in some manner or form, making it inescapable. Propaganda was used mainly to display anti-Semitic beliefs about Jews and others who were thought of as irrelevant to Nazi Germany such as the disabled, mentally ill, gypsies, communists and non-Aryans – who were all affected greatly by propaganda. Hitler and the Nazi Party achieved this through their propaganda minister – Joseph Goebbels – who used every form of media (radio, posters, newspapers, films, music and the arts) to portray the greatness of German culture. Though, some of these forms of propaganda displayed different levels of effectiveness – making some forms more significant than others.

One of the most significant forms of propaganda in their impact on Germany was the use of radio. Radios and radio licences summed to 90% of the ministry’s expenses, which show how Hitler’s messages, speeches and Nazi- related broadcasts reached such a broad audience of the German population because radio was extremely accessible. Hitler made sure that radios were cheap enough for every family to afford so that his speeches were publicised, giving Hitler more opportunity to manipulate Germany and glorify the Nazi party. The significance of this form of propaganda is that the radio was such a regular part of family life, and would’ve been played frequently…

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