Nazi Germany And The Soviet Union Essay

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The United States and the Soviet Union joined forces to earn the victory of World War Two. However, allying together called for an examination of the two country’s major differences after the war ended. Soviet leaders had made accusations that capitalism and communism could never peacefully coexist after the Bolshevik Revolution. A man named Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, viewed Nazi Germany as a huge threat. Starting in the beginning of the 1930’s, Stalin attempted to reach an understanding with West Germany, in result of his view of Nazi Germany. After may attempts at trying to find a middle ground with West Germany and not having any luck, Stalin resulted in making his own deal with Hitler in 1939. However, that deal was broken very abruptly after the Soviet Union was invaded by Germany two years later. The United States entered the Cold War in December of 1941. Americans were persuaded to view the Soviet Nation as not a threat, but as an ally. Americans were almost brainwashed through media to believe that even though the Soviet Union had a different economic system, they were still as much of a Democratic nation as they were and were similarly committed to the democratic values and wanted a peaceful world order. Americans were relentlessly reminded of these ideas, and many soon began to believe them. However, their trust would be betrayed after the war ended. Decisions about the state of the world after the word were made at Yalta and Potsdam.
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