Nazi Germany And The World War I

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The Second World War had changed the future of the world. Almost every county in the world participated in this war. The world divided into two parts and fought each other. The allied powers against the Axis powers. The leader of the axis powers that includes Italy, Japan, and Germany. The Germany were defeated by the British and French in world war one so the new leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler became allies with two countries the fascist Italy and the militarized Japan. At the beginning the whole world didn’t take the new leader of Nazi Germany very seriously, the United States of America did not want to be involved in European matters , and the united kingdom did not thought that the Nazi Germany will start another war because of…show more content…
But because of all that his army force was weakened. Mussolini planned to re-create the Roman Empire, and lead Italy to greatness but in fact, the country was in bad situations, like national poverty and scientific-industrial weakness and resource dearth. On the other hand, in Germany the Nazi party rise to power and the leader was Adolf Hitler. When Nazi party rise to power, Adolf Hitler become the leader of Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini share similar ideology, and similar goals. On 22 MAY 1939 the fascist Italy and Nazi Germany signed an agreement known as pact of steel. Pact of steel was a military and political alliance between Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. At the begging the Empire of Japan was part of the agreement but Japan wanted to focus more on the Soviet Union but Italy and Germany wanted to focus on Franc and Britain . Due to the disagreement Japan didn’t join the alliance until September 1940.
After the agreement was signed, Mussolini didn’t want to start the war immediately due to his army weakness, he want more time to rearm his military force. But Hitler have another plans. On August 23 1939, Hitler singed a Nonaggression pact with Soviet Union, in
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