Nazi Germany And The World War II

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The year was 1941 and World War II had been going on for two years since it started in 1939. Nazi Germany had gained much territory and controlled over three-fourths of Europe. The only countries not conquered controlled or allied with Germany in Europe were Sweden, Switzerland, Russia and England. Both Sweden and Switzerland were neutral during the war, so the two biggest threats to Germany was England and Russia. (Patrick Shrier 08/06/2006)

On June 22, 1941 the third reich (Nazi Germany) invaded Russia in an attempt crush the nation and the Red Army. Hitler had been planning the invasion at the since 1940 because Russia rejected to be a part of Tripartie, which was supposed to be an alliance between Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia. Hitler wanted the best conditions for his army to succeed the invasion. He originally planned on the invasion taking place late April or early may, because that was when the spring thaw was over and the ground was dry enough for his tanks to move without getting stuck in the muddy terrain. (Patrick Shrier 08/06/2006)

Russia was a major superpower during World War 2 because of its size and the raw materials that had major impact on the war. If Germany conquered and took control of Russia it would drastically change the war and the outcome of it. If Germany would have conquered Russia they would have access to all of the raw materials and they would be able to enter countries all over Europe and even Asia.

Russia was a very strategic country
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