Nazi Germany And World War Two

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Introduction Historians have examined many possibilities to the roots of the Holocaust and World War Two, however, another possibility, which is rarely studied, is Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is a theory which was influenced by the works of Charles Darwin, however, truly developed by British philosopher and scientist Herbert Spencer. The heart of his theory was the belief that evolution continued by the survival of the fittest. This theory states that evolution occurs when individuals that possess beneficial features, the fittest, survive and the weaker individuals perish. Moreover, its wide interpretation led others several various conclusions, including new theories such as the notion of racial superiority.
This thesis opens a new perspective on a question asked by many to this date: what influenced Nazi Germany to commit disgusting crimes known as the Holocaust and World War Two? Thus, this paper identifies another possible motive that caused Hitler’s Germany to commit such a crime, which is Social Darwinism. It is not an easy task to evaluate the motives of Adolf Hitler; however Darwin-inspired theories, such as eugenics, clearly played a critical role in the Holocaust and World War Two.
Thus, this paper concludes that Nazi Germany and their Führer, Adolf Hitler, exploited the pseudo-scientific theory of Social Darwinism to strengthen the “master race” of Aryans during the Nazi Era, from 1933 to 1945, to a certain extent. This thesis will be justified by the
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