Nazi Organization in World War Ii

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Nazi Organization As the onset of World War II approached, Adolf Hitler’s secret police began to systematically arrest enemies of the regime. As the regime evolved, so did its desire to control incarcerated political enemies. The concentration camps meticulously kept records of its prisoners: Ethnicity, who they were, why they were imprisoned, and other facts and figures. As the regime turned towards mass killings as its solution to the “Jewish Question”, Nazi’s began the systematic killing of Jews in concentration camps. The Nazi obsession of organizing ethnicities reflects Nazi superiority and racism, as they saw many ethnicities to be used for exploitation in labor camps. The Nazi obsession of data and record keeping reflects…show more content…
The Nazi’s were able to achieve this by their data and record keeping ability. Ultimately, the most significant use of Nazi data was to prove the actual holocaust. Nazi’s were able to hide their mass killings from other countries. Besides survivor accounts and rumors, was no quantifiable proof that Nazi’s had committed genocide in Europe. However, with the Nazi defeat, and the liberation of concentration camps, Nazi’s were unable to hide the evidence needed to convict there organization of genocide (Kimel). In addition to photographic evidence documented by Americans, there was an endless supply to prisoner files, and data of concentration camps. (“”). This evidence is what was used to prove genocide against the Nazis. The true significance of the Nazi data is that the Allies, after the war, had trouble proving the Holocaust. However, the information used by the Nazis to slaughter millions was now being used against them to convict them of their crimes. Nazi’s kept the data because this data was Hitler’s way of proving to the world what he had accomplished: His dream to eradicate “inadequate” races from Europe, and preserve his Aryan race. In a way, he succeeded. He proved that he was responsible for genocide. After his suicide, ironically, his information was now being used to convict his entire staff and country. Nazi organization of the Holocaust played a key role in numerous ways. Not only was it used to systematically keep track
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