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Question 2: Was nazism nationalist or racist? National Socialist German Workers Party or more commonly know as Nazi was formed in 1919. Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler in 1921, the party eventually becomes the most powerful political force in German. Nazi party was an ideology that was based on racism and nationalism that governed Germany from 1933 to 1945. They promised to build up its greatness with a scientific theory of racism in which people were racially superior to all others. Their effort and endeavor eventually brought a great deal of success to its nation and followers. Based on the statements made by the authority, they demand the equality of the German people with all other nation and “how they demand land and soil…show more content…
The Nazi Racial policy during this period consist of two elements which are racial purity and eugenics breeding. In turn of making racial purity, the Germans were the creator and first to implement governmentally sanctions forced sterilization. German physicians were allowed to perform forced sterilizations also know as the operations making it impossible for the victims to have children. They believe that sterilization can remove the disable and unwanted quality that might agitate the development of their nation. It was also claimed that sterilization will also prevents the spread of racially inferior traits from a generation to another. This Sterilization law is applied to forced sterilization to anyone who is suffering from genetic diseases such as manic, depression, schizophrenia, deafness, or even alcoholism. (Prevention ex. 1). This elaborate allegorical commentary of the law was written by the dominate figure in the racial hygiene movement. As cited in Epstein (2015, p. 78), it is said that “The Nazis believed that many diseases, physical deformities, and even negative personality traits were genetic.” Their aim is to get the perfect breed of the Germans with the “best” genes and eugenic breeding. This again linked to the idea of Social Darwinism in sense of attempting to eliminate the characteristics of the human inferiority. On the whole, their practice seen to be a nationalistic approach as they are trying to build a nation with
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