Nazi Party And The Concentration Camp

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On May 26, 1940, the largest and most horrifying concentration camp was established. Estimated around three million Jewish people died in the concentration camp, all thanks to Adolf Auschwitz-Birkenau. Auschwitz was the largest concentration camp out of the 20,000 created. Hitler. In this research paper, I will inform you on the horrific and inhumane terrors in Auschwitz, there psychotic leader Adolf Hitler, and the events that occur inside the camp.
Adolf Hitler joined the Nazi party in 1920. The large Nazi party wanted to unite as one nation and form a strong central government. Soon later in 1930, a depression had hit Germany and the entire nation. Hitler promised to get rid of Jewish people and communists throughout many speeches during the depression. People in Germany were in need of a leader and needed someone that could help them out of the rough times. Many people in Germany believed in Hitler and trusted him. As soon as Von Hindenburg, the leader of Germany, died in 1934, Hitler had full control over Germany. First, Hitler began to enforce strict laws on the Jewish people. Then Hitler began to move Jewish people to what are called Ghettos. Ghettos were small communities that fenced all the Jews inside. People thought they were on some sort of vacation and that the Nazis were keeping them safe from the nearby war. The Ghettos were buildings with small apartments inside. Families were very crammed and had to give up any gold or valuables. There was
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