Nazi Propagand Hitler Was The Fuhrer At The Time Of The Olympics

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The 1936 Olympics were held in Berlin, Germany held from August first to August sixteenth. 49 nations showed up and 3,963 athletes represented them. Adolf Hitler was the Fuhrer at the time of the olympics and used it as Nazi propaganda. Hosting the olympics helped Germany show the world that it had recovered from the destruction and isolation The Treaty of Versailles had caused it. Adolf Hitler hid his racism towards Jewish people and Roma people and as well as its growing military. In 1931 the International Olympic Committee chose Berlin for the eleventh Summer Olympics. In 1933 Hitler was appointed chancellor and Germany became an one party dictatorship. Germany then started to go after Jewish people and blamed their problems on them.…show more content…
Many events also pushed the world to WWII including the Spanish Civil War, Anschluss (annexation of Austria), the occupation of Sudetenland, and the invasion of Czechoslovakia. The English Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, offered many opportunities for Hitler to honor his commitments and put his racial and crazy ambitions aside. When Poland realized about its impending invasion it went to England and France for help. These two countries made a promise that if Germany invaded Poland they would declare war on Germany. So after Germany invaded Poland, England and France had no choice, but to declare war on Germany starting WWII. The 1972 Summer Olympics occurred in Munich, Germany where an unthinkable event happened. It was September 5 and everthing was going smoothly, the Israeli athletes had just returned to their sleeping places. Around 4:30 a.m. eight Palestinian terrorists jumped a six foot fence and headed for the Israeli athletes apartment. These terrorists were part of a terrorist group called Black September. They then rounded up the athletes from apartments one and four. Several of the athletes fought back, two were killed, a couple escaped out the windows, and nine were taken hostage. Once word of this event reached the media, the terrorist dropped a slip of paper with their demands. They wanted 234 Arab prisoners released from Israeli prisons and two from German prisons. The terrorists wanted this demand met by 9 a.m.
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