Nazi Propaganda During World War II

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One of the most crucial aspects of Nazi propaganda in Germany during World War II was indoctrinating the youth. One of Hitler’s main beliefs was that the children of Germany were the future of the country. Therefore, he created several propaganda movements to influence the children, so Hitler could gain their trust. Nazi propaganda was extremely effective in manipulating the feelings and opinions of German citizens. The Nazi movement attracted the youth in an extremely enticing way which attracted the children and gave them anticipation towards these new exciting beliefs. Millions of children were won-over to the Nazi party through propaganda in their day-to-day activities throughout their childhood lives. Forms of propaganda used by the Nazi Party include education, books, motion picture, and the press. Although the Nazi’s had a major role in influencing the youth to the Nazi Party, their propaganda was not the only influence on the youth’s opinion on anti-Semitism. History, literature, and religion also had a major affect on the youth’s thoughts about the anti-Jewish belief. As children became exposed to the Hitler Youth Organization and all forms of Nazi propaganda, the youth of Germany began to submit to the Nazi influence. Historians have debated the effectiveness of Nazi propaganda prior to and during World War II, ultimately the Nazi programs had a great effect on German Youth.
Although the Nazi propaganda was a main influence of youth anti-Semitism, history,
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