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Ishan Matta Mrs. Edussuriya Freshman Honors English 19/5/15 Source#1 “Nazi Propaganda” This article, “Nazi Propaganda”, from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Holocaust Encyclopedia, has proved to be a very helpful resource. It is a very current page - it was updated in June of 2014. I found this web page while googling “Nazi Propaganda”. The source appears to be very reliable, and it has plenty of useful information about the history of Nazi Propaganda. This page directly relates to my Research Project - it deals with Nazi Propaganda, which is one of the focuses of my project. Propaganda is a way of trying to “force a doctrine on the whole people” (Nazi Propaganda). That quote is written in the first piece of Hitler’s Nazi propaganda - his book Mein Kampf. As soon as he got out of jail, he helped the Nazis take power of Germany. Once they did, he created a Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. The goal of this organization was to spread the Nazi ideals through press, films, radio, music, books, theater and other arts, and school education. The propaganda that was being spread had many goals - those goals included promoting Hitler and the Nazi party, encouraging anti-Semitism, and eventually, encouraging support for World War II. Some examples of anti-Semitism include framing the Jews for communism in Russia, portraying Jews as a threat to Germany, and simply making Jews look bad. Many political cartoons and movies were

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