Nazi Propaganda

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Nazi Propaganda In the country of Germany, between the elections of September 1930 and then July 1932, the Nazi party began to take control and, subsequently, a larger percentage of the votes of the German people. Looking back on those events, modern day observers have to wonder why the people would allow themselves to be taken in by a group which is now equated with the worst kinds of inhumanity. However, that vantage point ignores much of the reasoning for why the people of Germany became so absorbed in the Nazi party and why they in turn gave that party the ability to rule their lives. In less than two years time, the Nazi party was able to improve their popularity from receiving 18% of the popular vote to the 1932 election where they received more than a third of the popular vote. It can be stated without hesitation that propaganda and the subsequent manipulation of the popular opinion changed the course of German and indeed world history. After the First World War, Germany was suffering from a massive depression. Losing the war left the people destitute; many were jobless and many were homeless. When things are their bleakest, it can be difficult to carry on. The government officials of Germany tried to regain the support of the people which was difficult (Bessel 1). The chancellor of the German government sought to relieve some of the economic stress of the depression by lowering wages and hoping that this would, in turn, lower prices of goods and services, and

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