Nazis' Attempts to Eliminate Jews in Europe from 1941 Onwards

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Nazis' Attempts to Eliminate Jews in Europe from 1941 Onwards

Before 1941, the Nazis used one main method to eradicate the Jewish population in Nazi controlled Europe. They attempted to make life for the Jews unbearable so that they would move to other countries. The Nazis also attempted to control them inside Ghettos. They were even trying to deport them to the African country of Madagascar.

There were major problems with this. One was that the countries they invaded had large populations of Jews. This meant that the Ghettos would be even more packed than before. Their plan to deport the Jews to the African country of Madagascar wasn't carried out because of the outbreak of War. The Jews were
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These showers were disguised gas chambers where the Jews would have been killed.

Before they would enter the showers, they would undress, and be given a number that they would have to remember. If they forgot their number, they would be able to retrieve their clothes. However, they weren't going to retrieve their clothes because they were going to die. They were then gassed in very convincing showers and then cremated by other Jews.

When they were losing the war, the Nazis were still trying to eliminate the Jewish race from Europe. Once the news got to the death camps it was time to kill as many as they could in on final swoop. They ordered the Jews to march to Berlin. It didn't matter where you were, three steps away or even thousands of kilometers, they had to walk to Berlin. This was later to be known as the death march where the Jews trekked from one side of Germany to the other.

Altogether, the Nazis tried to eliminate the Jews in Europe as quickly, and cheaply as they possibly could. They tried to keep it secret from the enemy and also from the German public. They didn't care about who they were, just as long as they were Jews they would die.

Why did the Nazis treatment of the Jews change from 1939 – 45?

The invasion of Poland in
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