Nazi's Concentration Camps

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During World War 2, the Nazi's created several concentration camps, but the one that was labeled one of the worst was Jasenovac. First of all, it was located in Croatia. Jasenovac was a complex of five smaller camps, Kapje, Brocia, Ciglana, Kozara, and Stara Gradiška, located 62 miles from the city of Zagreb. Furthermore, the camp was the largest in the area with a death count of 77,000-99,000 dead. The majority of those killed were Serbs. Many dies when the administration of Jasenovac blew up the camp at the end of the war to try and conceal their misdeeds and crimes. Specifically to the camps treatment of priisoners, they were terrible. Many people were killed or tortured in malicious ways. They had their throats cut with specifically made
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