Nazis and Khmer Rouge

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The 20th Century was an era marked by growing turmoil in the world stage. As countries fought for hegemony, it was often groups of people who were most affected by the political turbulence of the times. Throughout this era, many of these oppressive states existed, yet none quite like Nazi Germany and Khmer Rouge Cambodia. Told by the young voices of Elie Wiesel in Night and Chanthity Him in When Broken Glass Floats, each author tells their story of what it meant to grow up as a victim of these regimes. And through the analysis of their experiences are we able to observe the similar tactics two radical government groups imposed and how these tactics-both similar and different- advanced the politics of the aggressors. The Nazis and Khmer Rouge were unanticipated forces that left both the public and their victims unprepared for the atrocities they were soon to commit. In Night, the Nazi’s initially did not seem like such a threat, in fact, some were even accepted into Jewish homes. Chanrithy also comments on how “people don’t seem to feel the shadow of war creeping up on them” , when referring to the way Cambodians underestimated the Khmer Rouge. Both were able to accomplish their goals through gradual changes the regimes used to manipulate public opinion. In Nazi Germany this meant changing the public’s attitude of Jews with anti-sematic propaganda. Especially because Hitler wanted to blame the Jews for the problems Germany had after World War I. Much like Hitler,
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